YouTube is introducing a new feature that will allow its users to go live on the video-sharing website from their phones. The company would initially roll out the new feature for famous YouTubers.

YouTube channels with over 10,000 subscribers will be able to use the live streaming feature at first. Soon, the company would make the feature available for the rest of users. The company already supports live streaming from a PC, but this time it’s introducing the feature on its mobile app.

Audience can look for live videos in search. They will be able to talk to YouTubers between live videos using a Super Chat feature, which carries some charges. A Super Chat message will pin user’s comment on the top of the window so that it doesn’t get lost in flood of messages from other viewers.

This is not the first time YouTube is stepping into live recording and streaming. The latest feature would allow the company to take on Facebook Live and boost the volume of its live video broadcast.